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December 2, 2011
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As they entered the Chantry, they were greeted by Sister Patrice, and after a short confrontation she disclosed that her guard's judgment had slipped and told them where to find him. "Screams trap if you ask me" Sebastian asked as he rounded the corner. "Of course it is, you going to try your luck with it too?" She asked with a smile, fully hoping he'd smile back, which he did. And once again a wave of warmth caressed her.

"Oh, Hawke? Aveline had stopped by earlier. She has been wanting to see you. It sounded important, maybe you should pay her a visit when we are done if it's not too late." Sebastian suggested as he followed behind her. Their trip was rather uneventful… too easy she thought as they approached the voices they heard. "So, how long until Patrice shows up trying to save face?" Rem asked her group, when she looked back all she saw were shrugs… "Good to know." She said as she shook her head.

"Like any beast, remove the fangs and it is lost. They are weak before the faithful of the Maker. The only certainty in their precious Qun is death before the righteous." The templar was preaching to some fellow fanatics. Rem couldn't help but admire the Qunari as she approached. They stood tall, with no sign of intimidation and so fearless… They really were a culture that deserved to be respected. "Ser Varnell!" A familiar voice cried out, turning Rem watched as Sister Patrice strode up by her side. "Take a knee faithful, the Chantry blesses us." Varnell continued. Rem decided to hold her tongue to see what Patrice was up to. "You claim a blessing when you have used the authority of the grand cleric so openly?" she asked feigning an appalled tone. "You have brought wrath down upon you. You remember Serah Hawke do you not?" Patrice continued on as she circled Hawke as if she was the bird of prey and Rem was her target. "The Qunari have friends templar, how will you answer their allegations?" She asked urgently.

Finally Rem spoke up, "If you want to fight, then face someone whose weapons are not bound!" She demanded firmly. Feeling the power sway into their favor, Anders spoke up as well.. "Templars are cowards. They only pick on those whose lives they already hold in their hands" he explained in clear distaste. Rem, wasn't a fan of mages, but she was no more a fan of templars either.  Rem's gaze changed from simple confidence to almost a blinding rage as she saw Varnell approach the Qunari prisoner as mercilessly slit his throat. She clenched her fist as she watched the proud creature fall to the floor. "Destroy them" Varnell called to his followers, and with that Sister Patrice fled.

All of her companions could see the difference in her attacks. Her swings were fueled by a blind rage after watching the blatant disregard for the Qunari's lives. She knew the Qunari weren't exactly friends but she would be damned if she allowed Varnell to survive his sins. Rem cut down anyone in her path as she approached Varnell, she wanted him all to herself. Deep down she wanted him to plead for his life… and she wanted to look him in the eye as she slit his throat. The fight didn't last long, they were fanatics, not trained warriors. The only one left was Varnell and when Hawke saw Anders was charging up an attack for him she strode over into his path.

"No, he will be my fight" she said coldly, but her voice wasn't nearly as cold as her gaze was. She narrowed her eyes on Varnell as she stood back into a defensive stance, "Come on then… prove to me that you are 'faithful'" she taunted.  Varnell wasn't an exceptional fighter in any sense, Hawke could have ended the fight numerous times, but she was just toying with him. Slowly crippling him as the fight drug out. Finally when he fell to his knees he began to beg for his life. Took him long enough, she thought as she dropped her sword and reached down grabbing him by the front of his armor. She slammed him up against the wall and held her dagger to his neck. She could feel Varnell tremble under her gaze. "Hawke?" Sebastian finally spoke up, breaking the silence of her shocked companions.

Varnell continued to beg for his life, but his words were futile. Rem didn't care to hear about it. "What, I should show you the mercy you refused to show them? Your blatant disregard for their lives is unforgiveable… You are a disgrace." She said faintly in a dark tone, she spoke the words slowly and was clear in her thoughts. Her eyes glared at him, watching the terror in his eyes as she smirked and slit his throat. After she wiped her dagger off on Varnell's clothes she dropped his limp carcass to the ground. She couldn't explain it to herself, but for some reason this fight felt personal to her… and she was sure her friends would not approve of her actions, but it is too late now. "Time to tell the viscount" was all she said as she walked past her jaw-dropped companions.

"Madness, absolute madness!" the viscount declared, "Chantry involvement… even if they are fringe elements. It could not be worse." Anders took the opportunity to speak up for his own cause, "The Chantry as seen the abuses the templars get away with. Why would they not think to do the same?" he said quickly. The viscount was quiet watching the fire in a nearby alcove, "You killed them… all of them?" He asked in a surprised tone as he turned back to face Hawke. "Not quite, a mother serving the grand cleric allowed this to happen… she fled when she had the opportunity." Rem explained coldly. The viscount's eyes went wide, "Are you quite sure? She held a blade with them? Told them to fight you?" he asked. "No, I cannot say that, but we have had 'experiences' in the past… it's too convenient for coincidence." She said shaking her head.

"Of course not. A blasted mother… You have no idea the storm these allegations would cause. It would destroy what support I do have." The viscount said quietly pausing to think, "I will make my inquiries. Gently. And you should be careful in your associations. For now, we have other problems… We have the delegate but.. I can't return the bodies to the Qunari in this state. Serah Hawke, you know the Arishok. What should I do?" He said firmly, but his eyes were seeking guidance. "Hiding this would only make it worse, he'll know if you're lying." She said trying to straighten out her own thoughts.

"It would, wouldn't it? I am losing my sense of how to balance this nightmare… I appreciate your help in this matter. As bad as this is, it could have been much worse without you… Kirkwall owes you, I owe you." The viscount finally finished. With a polite bow she turned and walked out… "Ready to tell the Arishok everyone?" Rem said, eager to get this whole mess behind her… with any luck the Arishok will strike her down and solve all her stress.

*****Approaching the Arishok*****

"So you could not rescue my delegate, but you killed those responsible. How do you explain the condition of their bodies?" The Arishok asked calmly. Rem hated how calm the Arishok was, it always gave him the element of surprise when he would lose his composure. "A fanatic used them to incite others of his kind." Rem tried to delicately explain their condition while matching the Arishok's calm demeanor. "I accept that" he said as he leaned back in is chair. "Honestly, I expected worse" Rem blurted out instantly hating her quick tongue.

"I have seen every vice and weakness of your kind—and how few of you take responsibility. Your viscount remains a fool, but you are not… Panahedan, Hawke. I will keep one good thought about your kind." He said. Rem wasn't sure but she thought she could see a little levity in the Arishok's expression… Well I guess he does like me she thought.

As they left the docks, Anders parted ways to head to his clinic and the remaining two stuck with her until she reached Hightown. "Ugh… why does everything have to be so complicated? What did I do to deserve all this?" She asked as she stretched. The three of them spoke of trivial things until they were at Hawke's mansion. "Come on in and have a drink with us Sebastian, one drink won't hurt you." She said playfully as they walked into her mansion. "Fine, but you really should meet up with Aveline she has been worried about you and something has been going on." Sebastian insisted. "Ugh, I'll meet with Aveline tomo-" Rem complained until a voice spoke up from within the estate, "You'll meet with me when?" She asked with a playful smirk.

"Right now!" she said feigning some enthusiasm. "Hawke this is serious, I need a favor. Before you went to the Deep Roads with Varric, you had sent Carver, Isabella and Merrill to investigate a missing woman… well the Templar who was investigating the matter isn't backing down.. can you please see what he needs." She explained sternly. Rem looked her in the face plainly, sucking on her lower lip she turned on her heel and walked back out of her mansion. As Sebastian and Fenris followed out on the door step, "I feel like I just got kicked out of my own home" Rem said as she turned towards Lowtown, "You guys don't have to come with me, I'm going to get Isabella to come, since she went on the first trip. I'm sure you guys are tired." She said as she walked towards Lowtown.

By the time she entered the Hanged Man to find Isabella her ragtag group was dwindling down to just her and Fenris as she suspected it would. He hardly ever left her side. "Are you sure you want to come along, you've been with me all day. I know you must be tired." She said as she approached Isabella at the bar. "I figure one last mission wouldn't hurt.. but after this I'm calling it quits, as you should too." He replied firmly as he went to see if Varric as available to join them. "Isabella!" She announced, "How about you and Varric accompany us for a fun little stroll?" as she watched Isabella turn around, "Oh anything to get away from this sad poet works for me" Isabella said jovially.

Turning her head, she saw Fenris coming down the stairs with Varric in tow. So she followed suit and they all headed out for the Gallows. The moment they walked through the gates Rem could feel the tension in the air. What a fortress she thought, it definitely doesn't have a homey feel to it. "There, that's the one who was searching for the missing woman" Isabella announced as she pointed over to a templar. Distracted, Rem walked into a passing templar as she was looking over to where Isabella was pointing. "Oh forgive me! I am so clumsy" Rem said quickly as she gave a barely there bow. His templar uniform was a little different than the other guards around there she thought, he must be the captain. "Oh it's no harm done" he said softly with a charming smile.

As she turned to walk over to the templar that Isabella pointed at the one she ran into grabbed her wrist softly, "Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I feel like I know you.. Have we met?" He asked he looked over Rem's features. Sadly, Rem couldn't remember even if she did know him or not. "No sir, I'm afraid I can't recall meeting you. Possibly at a gala or something?" She said softly, she genuinely didn't know him… but something did feel familiar but she wouldn't know what. "Then I'm sorry, you just looked so familiar. Like I had met you years ago… Forgive me." He said with a quick bow and he went on his way.

"What was that about?" Isabella blurted out with a flirty smile, "A past fling of yours Hawke?" she added. Blushing Rem gave Isabella a dirty look, "NO! Well.. I don't think so at least… I can't remember… But he did seem familiar… but that seems so long ago." She said with a  frown, "Oh well, time to get this over with." She said as she walked up to the templar. "Messere, I believe my comrade had been helping you look for a missing woman a while ago. I've heard you've been looking for more help." Hawke said back in her business tone. "Yes, I have discovered new leads. I had pursued the guard captain to investigate but she won't do it on my word alone. Please, women are going missing, there are too many for it to just be coincidence." The templar pleaded.

"What is it you need?" She said quickly, too tired to really care about the details. "Please, go investigate the Gascard mansion, I know I'm on the right track." He said, then he continued on to explain where the mansion was. As they made their way back to Hightown Rem couldn't help but laugh. "I swear all we are doing is going back and forth… ugh" she said frustrated tone.

The moment that they walked into Gascard's mansion they had been attacked  by a group of demons. It was plain to see how tired Rem was getting, her moves were getting sluggish and the demon's attacks kept getting closer and closer to hitting her. As she was attacking the demon in front of her, a rage demon spawned from the ground behind her. With a swipe of its molten claw, Rem fell to her knee. If Isabella hadn't turned to look over, she would never have known that Hawke got injured. As Rem turned to block the rage demon's next attack the sloth demon charged at her. She knew she couldn't keep both of them like this for long as she felt the her flesh burning. It hurt she thought, but it was nothing compared to the ritual… and in that moment she could understand how Fenris fought. Once you experience torture like that, what could be worse she thought with a frown as she watched him slice through his opponent. She felt the force of the sloth demon give way and she turned to see a bolt sticking out from between the creature's eyes. "Welcome back to the fight Hawke!" Varric said as turned his attention to the rage demon. As he was about to fire off his next bolt into the rage demon Isabella ran into him causing his shot to shoot astray, grazing Rem's neck as she swung her sword down at the rage demon, freezing the moment she felt the sting crossing her neck.

"Shit Isabella, look what you made me do!" Varric said with the anger in his voice matching the furious glare he was giving her. Typically, Varric was a very light hearted but when it came to Hawke he was very protective, and he was very upset about Isabella's misstep. Instinctively, Hawke leaned back from the demon as she grasped her hand on her neck, unsure of how deep the wound was. Frustrated, Rem let the lyrium in her arm ignite into its pale white glow as she struck the rage demon one final time. After fiddling with the scrape on her neck she determined that the it wasn't a serious wound and that she could continue on thankful that the fight was over.

Fenris kept in front throughout their search of the mansion, never seeing the scorched flesh of Hawke's back. As they rummaged through the estate they found some clothes stashed in a chest which didn't make Gascard look too innocent when they found him. "Help me please! He's gone mad." A distressed woman cried out as Hawke and her group walked into the room. The moment Fenris laid his eyes on him he instantly became furious remembering exactly who he was. "Shit.. You're not him" Gascard said nervously. "No, I couldn't be a him if I'm a her" she said laughing, clearly too tired for this. "It's not what it looks like.." DuPuis tried to explain when he noticed Fenris, "Ah, look what we have here, so we meet again elf. You finally leave your master's side?" he said arrogantly.

Rem was clueless about their history but it was obvious that the two didn't like each other. But she heard Gascard out as he explained his theory of the man who killed his sister. How he would send them white lilies like a suitor before he would abduct them.

After they left the estate Varric and Isabella went off to go to the Hanged Man. Fenris took a glance at Rem.. she looked so tired he thought. With a deep sigh, "If you need me Hawke, you know where to find me now" he said as he turned to go into his broken down mansion. She frowned as she watched him enter his estate without a second look. With a sigh she started her walk home, she could feel how sore she was… I suppose I should go see Anders she thought as her vision started to blur a little.. Good thing there is the passage from the cellar she thought as she walked into her estate. She handed her coin pouch to Bodhan asking for him to take care of it for her and take some coin so that he and Sandal could go out and have some fun.

Slowly she made her way to the cellar, and pulling up the secret boards so that she could climb down into Darktown. She peeked out around the rubble that concealed the entry way and walked over to Anders' clinic. When she saw his door hanging off the hinge she pulled her dagger out from its sheath. Peering through the door she could see the bodies of templars littered over the floor. She could see that he was struggling with one last templar who had gotten too close for Anders to use his magic. In one quick motion, she flung her dagger, lodging it in the back of the templar's neck. Spewing blood across Anders' face as it protruded through the front of the templar's neck.

Anders stared wide eyed at the templar as he fell to the ground. Quickly, he glanced around the clinic to see who came to his aid. He turned just in time to watch Rem collapse to the floor. "Hawke!" He yelled as he ran over the templar carcasses. He could see her burned flesh through her tunic as he approached her. Demons he thought with a frown, what kind of trouble could she have gotten herself into to get her to come down here. When he carefully turned her over to pick her up he saw the gash on her throat, panicking, he scooped her up from the floor and set her on a cot so he could examine her better.

His nerves were soothed when he saw that the gash on her neck was just a knick. "What happened to you Hawke?" he asked the empty clinic as he began to let his magic scan her body as he occasionally allowed his fingers to graze her soft flesh. Carefully, he shifted her so he could examine her back. With his dagger he began tearing what was left of her tunic so that he could get a better look at her. He began letting his cool magic begin to heal Hawke, looks like the marks of a rage demon he thought as he compared the marks from her new wound to those of her old scars. With a frown he decided it wasn't made by the same thing… He could never bring himself to ask Rem where she got those scars, but he was still curious about them.

But his frown was short lived when he felt Rem shift under his hands. He was tired, but he couldn't help but think about how she chose to help him even when she was sore and exhausted as she was. This lead his mind to travel even further, maybe it was best that she lost her memory. She seems to even enjoy his company now, he could feel himself falling for this side of her… and even Justice craved her company.. he constantly begged for Anders to find an excuse to be near her or touch her so that he could feel her lyrium. It was addicting to Anders alone, it had been a long time since he let himself indulge in pleasure.

Rem started to turn as she felt herself pressed against something. "Hawke, be still I'm not done yet." Anders said calmly. "Thank you, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come down here" he continued. Turning her head so she could see Anders she finally spoke up, "I'm sorry…" she whispered. Her eyes made her look much older than she was. "What on Earth for? For saving me?" he asked puzzled. "No… I'm sorry that I was coming here because I couldn't stand the burning anymore… Not just a coincidence of fortune." She said as she lowered her eyes.

Anders went to look for some clothes for her to wear since he was a little more zealous with his cutting earlier. He smiled finding a shirt of his that was clean. As he walked back over to Hawke he saw Fenris entering the clinic, and the surprise on his face was priceless. I suppose seeing a mostly naked Hawke alone with me would be surprising Anders thought to himself. … Wait, does that mean that even he didn't know she was coming here? He thought as he continued to walk back over to Hawke who was sitting up covering her chest. "Here, you must be cold… Sorry about your tunic, I had to see the wound clearly to make sure I calmed all the tissue exposed to the rage demon." He said calmly.

When the sound of a throat clearing echoed in the clinic she jumped up off of the cot and turned to see Fenris walking up, his eyes refused to meet hers. He didn't know why she was there, and it was none of his business… but he still felt suffocating pressure build in his chest as he saw the two so close in proximity with her so exposed. "Varric has asked to see you mage." He said as he turned around and walked out of the clinic.

With a frown Rem began to feel a pressure of her own build in her chest as she watched him leave. What is wrong with him she thought. In a panic, she took the shirt from Anders, and with a quick thank you she tried to hurry after Fenris. She got about four steps away from Anders and she collapsed to the ground again. "Hawke?" Anders asked as he walked up to her, but it was no use. She was out cold.

Anders instantly felt himself losing his composure as he thought about how arrogantly Fenris appeared at the clinic. It clearly upset Hawke to make her want to charge after him even when she is so exhausted. She hasn't stopped all day he thought, nor ate. Her body is so deprived he thought as he quickly used his magic to discover the cause of her collapse. Scooping Hawke into his arms once more, he carried her up through the cellar back into her estate. He couldn't help how he felt with her body pressed against his as he journeyed up to her room.

After he tucked Hawke into her bed he began to wonder how she could pass out like that after being wide awake seconds before. It was almost like demons were trying to poses her he thought… but if that were the case I'd be able to sense them. He figured it must have been the exhaustion of the day, and to see Fenris blatanly avoid her like that must have hurt.

As soon as he was sure Hawke was okay he found himself running to Fenris' mansion. Slamming the door open, "Elf!" He shouted angrily. He took a moment to listen, tightening his fists as he heard no movement or sign of acknowledgment. He called out for Fenris again as he ran upstairs to where Fenris stayed, but it was empty. Frustrated he punched his hand into the wall as he turned around he found Fenris standing an arms length away from him. Without thinking, Anders grabbed Fenris shoving him up against the wall. "What the hell man? What did you do to her?" Anders accused viciously.  

"She struggles her way to my clinic for healing only to collapse at the entrance. Then shortly after she comes to, you waltz in clearly avoiding her. What happened to make her chase after you like that?" Anders said as he shoved Fenris up against the wall again. "She got four steps away only to collapse again. I'm not even sure what is wrong with her." He explained finally releasing his grip on Fenris.

"What do you mean? I had just seen her an hour ago maybe. She looked tired but other than that she seemed fine. What has happened to her?" Fenris asked with growing urgency. "So I was right. She didn't tell you she was coming to the clinic? She came in with wounds from a rage demon. Her wounds weren't serious, so it doesn't really justify her collapsing like this." Anders explained, "I haven't seen anything like this" he added quietly as Fenris had turned to leave the room. "Where is she?" He asked hurriedly as he jumped down to the first floor, followed by Anders running down the stairs to keep up with him. "I brought her back to her estate to rest." Anders answered.

"Do you have any ideas of what is happening?" Anders asked Fenris as they ran to her estate. "Just one" Fenris said ominously. Fenris ran into her room steps before Anders, immediately he began looking over Rem's markings. "Please no" he whispered to himself as his eyes searched her unconscious form. That's when he saw it, a soft white glow on her dark sheets. Lifting up her left arm he saw the lyrium in her arm that spelled his name was faintly glowing. "Danarius…" Fenris snarled as he rubbed his hand over he assumed to be his name, the moment his fingers came into contact with the lyrium his vision began to blur and an image of Danarius' sick grin appeared. Anders could only watch in shock as Fenris' eyes dilated as he collapsed down onto Rem's chest.
Ok... I know I said I wasn't going to work on it... but I :heart: procrastinating... So here's CH 18: A Reminder... I can't let you forget what haunts her... well one of the things that haunt her....

This chapter is pretty much finishing up some loose ends from CH 17, and initiating the whole Prime Suspect quest... so yeah.. there's some fighting, some joking, a lot of back and forth lol So hopefully you all like it.


*Sorry I don't have any specific pictures for these.. eventually I'll get some*

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The scene after you kill the templar you repeat yourself to much with going to see the viscount and going to see the Arishok. It kind of felt forced that little bit of section.

Loved how she ended the templar though. Taking it slowly. He kind of deserved that after killing bound men. That’s something I couldn’t forgive either. It’s on a level with killing children and puppies; they are defenseless.

Varric is supposed to be away on a business trip. Why is he back?

Templars in anders clinic all dead? That’s going to piss off Meredith :o Justice is a bit of a perv isn’t he too. Lol Made me laugh.

Hmmm the collapse and then sudden hystericalness of Anders was really forced. And then Fenris suddenly knowing what was what. It just needs more work. I couldn’t stretch my imagination to believe. Though I am fascinating what Danarius is up to now. :o
yeah... I was fighting between do I follow what the game does or what I want or what... mental debates are never a good thing for me lol

I felt like he did... I remember my first play through and it really upset me when I saw him do that... and I felt like he needed a more dramatic death than just being slaughtered in the crowd.

Yeah... I saw that the other day when I looked at it and was like way to remember what you wrote Ryan... way to go.... so either I'll have to explain that he got back early??? or switch him out lol I think I just wanted his personality and didn't think about what I had done with him lol

Yeah... I like to piss Meredith off... it's a hobby... Yeah... poor Justice... he just loves that lyrium and she happens to be a walking storage... lol

With the end I had gotten frustrated with it because I wrote it 3 times and it didn't flow... I liked the idea.... just gave up on putting into action lol.... I suppose i don't have a lot of patience
Shouldn't Justice love Fenris too then?
for the lyrium maybe... but maybe Justice doesn't desire having a fist through Anders' chest...
Magical fisting elf :heart:
I know right... gotta love him... tho I'm toying with him in my story... (still no writing... haven't finished political science... got 1 chapter done... 2 to go then my quiz)
X_X studying on a sunday. Blasphemy. lol

Will Fenris ever get the girl D=
I know!! but my quiz has to be done by midnight..... sooooooooo I have to do it.. I've been putting it off all week... well they just posted the quiz on Thursday.. but my immuno exam was Friday and I drove back saturday soooo lol

Should Fenris ever get the girl? He had her...

He'll have a girl
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