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November 22, 2011
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~The next day~
"Hawke" Fenris greeted her outside her estate. Instantly Rem's face lit up, "Fenris!" She said as if she was surprised to see him there, she turned to him smiling ear to ear, "Ready?" she asked as she walked towards him. "Almost" he said, stopping her in her tracks. "Wha-" she started, but stopped has he planted a quick kiss on her cheek. "Alright, now I'm ready to brave the bloody mage." He said jokingly. Rem reached up and rubbed cheek where Fenris kissed her following behind him.

After a couple of minutes they were in the Market. Waving, Rem greeted Varric, "And where is Blondie?" she asked as she scanned the area. "Ah, he's not here yet. He should be here soon. You know how it is with the clinic." Varric offered. Sitting down on a stair, "well how long do we think?" She said without any expectation of a reply. "Hey!! Sorry I'm late!" Anders said as he panted catching his breath. "Good, now that we are all here lets go. It should be a quick trip."

They were right at the edge of the coast when their trip finally became exciting. A tall armored man bellowed out from the top of a cliff, "You are in the possession of stolen property! Back away from the slave now and you'll be spared" He demanded. "Hunters" Fenris announced as a mixture of soldiers and mages surrounded the group. "Fenris is a free man!" She yelled… "You think they would have learned since you've been gone for so long" she said with a smirk as she unsheathed her sword and dagger. "Get ready" she said calmly. She cared to hear no more from the soldier which was made abundantly clear when she threw her dagger lodging it in his throat. "Maker they're dumb" she said as the mage next to the now dead soldier blasted her with a spell… "Or maybe I'm dumb for not killing the mage first" she laughed as she got back up from the ground.

Fenris' markings were brilliant as the fight began. Anders made quick work of healing Rem as she stood up from her encounter from the mage to begin the fight. However, between Varric and Fenris the battle was practically over. All that was left was a mage trying to crawl away. Fenris strode over to the injured mage, kneeling by his side. Pulling the man's head up by his hair and demanded to know where Denarius was, as he pounded the man's head into the sand as he waited. The man did not know where Denarius was, but he told us that Hadriana was in the old holding caves. "You know where that is?" Rem interrupted Fenris and the mage. "Yes." He said, his voice full of rage. "Then do with him as you wish." She added as she turned her back wincing hearing the mage's neck snap.

"Hadriana, I was a fool to think I was free. They'll never let me be." He said clenching his fists. "This Hadriana, someone you know?" She asked hesitantly. She wanted nothing more than to forget the mission and head to the holding caves and dispatch of this woman, but she knew that she had to understand more before she endangered her friends. "My old master's apprentice, I remember her well. She was a sniveling social climber who would sell her own children if it meant getting on Denarius' good side. If she is here it is by his bidding. I knew he wouldn't let this go!" He said in rage. "Then we need to put a stop to this before this goes any further." She agreed, "But you must control yourself Fenris. I am in no illusion that we will be headed into trouble and we will need a sound mind to accomplish our goals."

It didn't take long to reach the holding caves, after dispatching some guards at the entrance, Rem stopped their group. "Everyone, before we go in I am setting some ground rules. If these caves are like every other cave we've ran into we will have to split up. It will be in groups of 2. Fenris you will go with Anders. Varric, you're with me." She was in the middle of commanding when Fenris spoke up, "What! You intend to send me in with a mage who would likely just hand me over?? Where is your sense Hawke?" he demanded. "Look, I know you don't like each other but you are the one she is after. Strategically this is the best of our options. And as for him turning you in…" she started turning her attention to Anders as she finished "he would be a hypocrite to do so." She said coldly. Returning her attention to Fenris as she glanced at Varric, "We are all in this together. We are all we have here in Kirkwall, and I will do whatever it takes to keep us that way. I will not abandon anyone."

As they headed into the dark caves they could see that the tunnels split off right at the beginning. "Here" Anders said handing Rem a clear stone. "If something happens, smash this stone and it will react with the one I have and we'll come running. The same will happen if I break mine. An image of where we are will enter the mind of whoever holds it. Be safe you two" He added. "You too." She said handing the stone to Varric, "you're less likely to break it accidentally she said with a laugh. After Rem and Varric were far enough away from the others Rem spoke up, "Now, Varric. If something happens to me. Promise me you will get out and get to Anders and Fenris. I don't care what it is that happens. I'm hoping to run into Hadriana first. I will not let them take his freedom." She said, her look was deadly serious. "Promise me Varric" she pushed. "Fine Hawke, but everything will be fine." He tried to reassure her. Before opening the door to the next room, "Varric, when was the last time something went smoothly for us?" she asked sarcastically.

"Good point."

The next room held a handful of guards. Varric threw some smoke bombs and disappeared into the shadows. The only way to know he was there was when you were at the end of his crosshairs. Meanwhile Rem was dancing around her opponent's swings. These were not the kind of skilled men she was expecting to find. It made her feel like she had picked the wrong path. "Hey Hawke, who do you think that is?" Varric asked as he pointed to a young elf standing in the middle of the room. "Hello, are you alright?" She asked.

"Yes, please don't hurt her.. She'll get very upset." She stumbled with her words. "You mean Hadriana?" Rem questioned. "Yes, please she has been good to us, but still she bled Pa…" She began to ramble. "Look, it is not safe here. Please, go to Kirkwall and ask for the Hawke estate. I will help you. Now please hurry out of here, it is not safe." Rem said kindly as the girl nodded and ran past the two.

"Well now, do you think they have found anything yet?" She asked Varric, secretly hoping that they hadn't. "Well I don't have any images flooding my brain so I'm thinking no…" Varric added. "Good, we have to be getting close. Don't forget your promise, if something happens under ANY circumstances, run." Her voice lost any hint of humor that is once had.

Rem took a step into the next room when she signaled Varric to stop. Taking a few more steps into the dark room she heard a woman call out, "Now, what do we have here?" Turning, Rem saw a glow around her feet. "Shit." She was stuck, her body was like stone. A glyph, I should have known she thought. In the corner of her eye she saw Varric silently disappearing to the shadows running away. "What, you were so afraid of me that you had to use such petty magic?" Rem accused as Hadriana illuminated the area around herself.

"If our information is correct, you should be Hawke. It appears he had become fond of you throughout the years… which makes you stumbling into my trap even better." Hadriana carried on, "Shall we see what he does when he's attacked by you?" "Ha, I would never." Rem argued. "Of course you wouldn't, such a loyal friend." Hadriana mocked as she took out her dagger slicing up her arm releasing her magic to release. Instantly Rem screamed, "NO!!" and soon the glyph disappeared.


As soon as Varric was a safe distance away he threw the crystal stone to the floor smashing it to pieces.  Instantly on the other end, the sister stone that Anders had wedged into his staff shattered into thousands of pieces. Instantly both Fenris and Anders shared a look. "What is it, who do you see?" Fenris asked as his heart began to race with fear as he ran behind Anders. "Varric…" Anders called back, "But he looks perfectly healthy.. it must be Hawke in trouble" he shouted as he turned the next corner. "Vanhedis" Fenris whispered to himself. He would never forgive himself if something happened to her because of him and his troubles.

It took longer than Anders had hoped to find Varric. Panting, "What is it? Where is Hawke?" Ander's panted to the pacing dwarf. "It's Hawke, we were searching for Hadriana a couple rooms ahead. She signaled for me to hold back and in a couple of steps a paralyzing glyph appeared beneath her." Varric summed up readlily. "So you abandoned her?" Anders and Fenris said simultaneously. "It was her wish, if something happened to one of us the other would run to get you two out." Varric admitted. "I will not abandon her here to them." Fenris said with anger radiating behind his eyes. "But that will be handing them what they want… if we head in there like we are now" Varric announced as he explained Rem's thinking.

"It doesn't matter, we will not leave her behind" Justice announced, "with our combined abilities we should be able to save her." He added. "Fine, follow the me." Varric agreed, and whispered a silent prayer to Andraste as they approached the last room. Fenris was the first to enter, a reflection of a blade caught his attention as it swung wildly before him. Immediately he brought his sword up to block the attack. He could tell his attacker was skilled and quite strong from the blow they landed. The swiftness of their attacks kept Fenris on his toes. Igniting his lyrium allowed him to have a little bit of an early warning as an attack appeared. This advantage helped Fenris land a couple of blows to his opponent. He figured he had caught an arm, and a leg with his sword. Maybe possibly a knick to a torso he thought. Fenris let go of his weapon with one hand catching the wrist of his opponent. He felt his opponent shift, but he was distracted when a woman's laughter filled the room and suddenly the room lit up . In his vision he saw the sword being wielded against him and he recognized it instantly, turning his eyes down he saw a  dagger halted inches from his neck. To his horror, the opponent he had been fighting had been none other than Rem, who was now bleeding from her arm, leg and even her torso. "Hawke?" He questioned still with a dagger shaking at his throat. He peered down into her eyes and saw that they appeared to be dead inside. "What is this? What have you done to her Hadriana?" Fenris demanded.

"It's blood magic Fenris, she's controlling her mind. Hawke would never attack you!" Anders shouted. I know that Fenris thought to himself, but he can't strike her down, but if he doesn't do something she'll be the one to strike him down. Maybe that would be best he began to think when Hadriana shouted, "Now fool woman what are you waiting for?" The sound of flesh cutting caught everyone's attention when Hadriana cut herself to fuel more energy into Rem. They all saw how the magic inveloped Rem, and the dagger began to shake even more. "Maker, she's fighting it.. She's still in there Fenris!" Anders called to his companion as Hadriana ordered her guards to attack. Fenris turned his attention back to Rem, her eyes still looked dead inside but her dagger did not budge from it's spot. "What is this?" Hadriana asked, "Do it! Do it NOW!"

Suddenly the dagger moved. The blade sheathed itself into it's second home, plunged hilt deep into soft flesh. Pitching forward, Rem wailed as she felt the intruding object in her thigh. She looked up, and smilled to see Fenris, "What are you doing here?" She questioned, "You were supposed to get out of here."

Quickly Fenris placed her behind himself as he told her, "I will not abandon you Rem." "Mage!" Fenris called out. "It'll take some time Fenris, I can't get a break to get to her." Anders replied. "I'm okay" She said as she stood up and they spread out again attacking whatever enemies were closest, whether demon or soldier or Hadriana. However, it was too late when Varric realized what Hadriana was doing. "You two, spread out!!" He shouted but it was too late. Hadriana had caught both Fenris and Rem in a trap when they were an arms reach from one another. "Shit, again?!" Rem said as she turned her eyes she saw Varric and Anders get blasted against the wall. They weren't getting up, "Fenris" she whispered until her eyes reached him. "We'll get out of this" she said calmly to him

All she could do was watch as Hadriana placed a collar around Fenris' neck, and turned and placed one around her neck. Fenris' eyes widened when he saw Hadriana adorn Rem with a collar of her own, he knew then that they had no intentions of leaving her behind. As Hadriana extended her hand and made a yanking motion a magical chain appeared attached to their collars. Hadriana tugged on the collar released a current of electricity down the chain and through their bodies.Anders barely had the strength to turn his head to see Hadriana leaving with both Hawke and Fenris in tow.

"Leave her behind Hadriana, you have what you wanted" Fenris pleaded as he saw the tired expression on Rem's face as they were dragged to their ship. "Oh, but Denarius is in need or a new slave. And look at her. Everything about her is his type of woman." She said as she turned, pulling Rem into her arms and began to slide her hands over Rem's body. Instinctively, Rem lashed out trying to get Hadriana off of her. Rewarding her with a strong bolt of electricity, Rem clinched her jaw and turned her head to Hadriana and smirked. Which only made Hadriana even angrier, stopping the electricity for only a moment she walked up to Rem. Then she focused an electricity spell in her hand and grabbed Rem's throat, sending the currents directly into her. It was a stare off, who's will would win.

"Enough!" Fenris pleaded. "You said yourself, you were using her as a present for Denarius. He would not be happy to receive her spoiled." He stated disgusted at himself for even uttering those words, but he couldn't take seeing her hurt like that. Moments later they were thrown into their cages. Fenris sat up in his cell, looking over to Rem. She just laid on he floor. Her breath was shallow, he knew she was weak. From battling him, the soldiers the dagger in her thigh and Hadriana. Just the thought of it enraged him, but what could he do?

"Hawke?" He called out, "Hawke!" he whispered insistently. She turned her head, she began to push herself up looking at her new surroundings. It wasn't long before a guard came back to the cells, opening Rem's cage. He walked in and grabbed Rem's throat and dragged her out of sight.

After some time passed, ten maybe fifteen minutes so Fenris thought, the guard dragged Rem back to her cell, throwing her on the hard floor. After the guard left she crawled over to the bars and leaned up against the edge of the cell. It was cold and uncomfortable, not that anything in a cage would be comfortable. Suddenly, she felt something touching her hand, looking over by her side she saw his hand creeping  through her cell. She recoiled her hand away from him and covered her face. That's when he heard it. She was crying. He never believe he would have seen her cry. "Hawke?" he asked quietly. "Fenris, I'm so sorry! I wasn't strong enough to save you. Now look where I've gotten you??" she cried out between her sobs. He placed his hand back into her cell with his palm up, "Rem, don't think like that. It's not your fault. We'll figure something out." He said quietly as she placed her hand back in his.

"I'm cold" she said, the only complaint he was ever going to hear from her. "How long do you think we have until we get there?" Rem asked. "2 days I think, maybe 1" he said. His voice was cold and distant. "I'm sorry" she whispered as she leaned her head up against the bars, closing her eyes.

They both woke to the sounds of an older man. His tone was soft and educated. Rem opened her eyes to see an aging man reaching out for her face. "Just your type isn't she" Hadriana called from the background. She could hear chains rustling as she heard Fenris cry out for her, "Don't you touch her." He threatened foolishly. With a laugh, the man extend his had just as Hadriana had done, connecting a magic chain to Rem's collar. He pulled her up to him and paced in front of Fenris, judging how far Fenris could reach. The moment Denarius figured out that distance he grabbed Rem and forced a kiss on her delicate lips. When she tried to recoil she could feel the electricity entering her body from his grasp. Finally when Denarius had his fill he looked over to see his raging pet glowing brilliantly blue, and all he did was laugh, until Rem spat in his face. Calmly, Denarius took a rag from his pouch and wiped his face clean. Then without a second thought he hit Rem with a powerful magic spell that flung her backwards until her magic chain would no longer reach causing her to come to a jerking halt. But still she stood up.

"Oh, this is going to be fun" Denarius said as he attached a magic chain to Fenris and dragged the both of them with him to his estate.
Ok, you all have been waiting for this chapter I know... So here it is, Chapter 10: And So It Ends...

Once you read it, I'm sure you can tell I'm taking a break from the traditional Dragon Age 2 stroyline. Don't worry, it will come back eventually. But I'm sure I'll have a couple of chapters that are outside those....

So, now Rem and Fenris get into trouble.. how will they find their way out??

And I'm really proud of this one's picture btw!

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Nice! This is coming together nicely :D
isn't it... though I fear it's going down a dark road now...
Why is that? I would totally be willing to help you if you ever need it :)
Much better atmosphere and fight scenes in this chapter. Still rushed and occasionally confusing but this is your best so far.

Not sure who Hadriana cut though. Did she cut herself or Rem?

I liked the adding stuff into the lore. The stone thing Anders brings out was interesting. Nice personal touch.

Rem is not reacting to wounds again also. That dagger to the thigh would have caused a lot of damage. I’m amazed she missed the main artery and didn’t bleed out.

Take the story off in a new direction is certainly very interesting. I like the personal touches. Make it more fun than reading a direct copy of the game story.
herself??? lol

Yeah, I just looked at the chapter thinking I'd get ahead of you lol and was like humm humm humm, I should have added more to it... and I completely forgot to even explain what happened when the guard took her from the cell... that was supposed to be the oh lets take that dagger out idea.... I guess my problem is keeping the big picture in focus because it seems like I tend to stay focused on the other aspects of it. But I just read it and was like maybe i'll be able to hurry and fix some stuff first... but then I looked at the time and decided to start getting dressed first lol

I just thought, what was the point of retelling a story you could play and see pictures and make your own choices with? I try to follow the game, which I think I did a lot of that in the first act but I started to stray a little more in Act 2 and well I'm not very far in Act 3...
I've been blending the game story in with my own. It's supposed to interweave as it isn't entirely about Hawke and co but about a bunch of other OC's. I'm amazed I've managed to keep it so straight so far, it's hard. It's about to slip away from gameplay timeline again, after Fenris's mansion, though so I can relax a little on worrying about that. Get in some fun time with a character I have bigged up but has only ever been seen briefly once. I am so looking forward to her big arrive. She's so.... mysteriously bad. lol
omg I don't want OCs well at least not this stage... I have one... and I forget him all the time... I'm thinking of going back and editing him out... he's my brothers and I can't get his personality donw to really write him in. :(
They can be fun to throw in. Most people probably won't agree with some of my gameplay choices I decided on and the whole Hawke relationship I have going on or Carver. I really do enjoy Carver so he's been moved into a larger role in my version. I'm not sticking to the good choices. I'm picking quite a few renegade options and such. Really stirs shiz up.
but throwing in the extras and shady choices keeps everything interesting. just needs planning which I am not capable of doing aparently
I have certain things I want to happen. I think a lot will shock people how stuff will turn out because right now it looks like it's going to go one way but I don't think in straight lines. Plus everyone tends to think the stories are gonna be Hawke Hawke Hawke Hawke all the time. Again... not a straight line thinking. Though you should know that by now after those When Kirkwall went mad shorts. lol
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