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April 24, 2012
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Often he would watch the fierce Grey Warden as she left darkspawn or bandits slain in her wake or the way she set up her tent. Her sleek stature screamed of femininity, but she was no delicate wallflower. The subtle muscles in her arm could be seen as she maneuvered her blades. His eyes grew jealous of her armor, condemning it for hiding the way her body moved. All too often he imagined how her toned body would react to his.

There is nothing like the first time he thought as he thought back. It was nothing like he expected it to be. His warrior goddess, fair skinned contrasted with her dark silken lock. Her eyes… Oh her eyes… those emerald eyes surrounding their honey centers. Every time he saw them he felt like he could melt under her gaze. To start she was bitter and cold as the northern mountaintops, but not when she looked at him now.

For months he watched her eyes finally begin to soften. Her typical daggers slowly tamed as time drew out, slowly he watched as her anger subsided and was replaced with complacency. He had no idea when those cold and complacent eyes turned soft. Constantly he found himself enraptured by those alluring eyes.

He remembered the first time he looked into them she took his breath away. What breath he had left hitched in his throat as she trapped him in her gaze. They had been training one afternoon in an empty clearing beyond camp, not that she needed the training. Her skills as a fighter were lethal, though her finesse needed improvement. So they trained. Constantly he made her use different weapons to try and get her accustomed to working with whatever she had.

That day, he remembered, she was using his own blades. He first critiqued her stance, easily noticing how many easy openings she left. He remembered toying with her, relishing each quick shove he pressed on her skin as he adjusted her and tested her balance. He savored the way her body felt against his as he wrapped an arm around her waist holding her back flush to his chest as he kicked her leg out, lowering her center of gravity.

He remembered whispering in her ear how it was time to fight. The sudden flinch in her muscles as she leaned into him was all but burned into his memory as she protested facing him unarmed. The sharp gasp for air that escaped her lips sent shivers down his spine as he reached between her thighs, pulling out the dagger she had hidden.

Their training ensued… thrilling him to watch her try to react to him. He didn't question her strength, he knew how fierce she was, but her stealth left him curious. He let his mind travel as he remembered sneaking behind her, tangling her legs with his, easily tripping her. But what surprised him most was the way she used the ground as leverage rolling over him so that she was straddling his waist, holding his blade to his throat as he held his hands on her hips.

He remembered the way the satisfaction in her gaze melt as she realized their intimate position. If he were to be honest with himself, he wasn't even sure what possessed him. He felt his hand abandon its spot on the swell of her hip as he reached up. Slowly he lifted himself from the ground, feeling his own blade press against his neck as he brushed her loose hair from her face.

For the first time her eyes seemed unsure. He watched as she slowly bit her bottom lip. His fingers ghosted over her cheek as they lost themselves in her hair. Slowly he closed his eyes as his lips did the same. He could feel how her lips trembled under his as he quickly tasted her. The kiss was quick, just testing the waters. He looked up to see her eyes still closed and his neck still intact. Hungrily he pressed his lips against hers as he pulled her to him.

He shuddered at the thought of the first time they kissed. The contrast of the shear innocence of it… the moment of vulnerability in it was enough to undo him. His senses began to come back to him as he felt those gentle lips press against his neck, greedily lavishing his tanned flesh with her affections.

"Ah," he gasped as he felt her teeth pinch down on the tender flesh below his jaw.

Quickly he fisted his hand in her hair, pulling her away from his neck. He felt his lips quirk into a hungry smile as lifted up, crushing his lips on hers. Even though it had been months since their first kiss, he could still feel the gentle tremble in her lips sending delight through his body. Every kiss was like the first, questioning, bold and exciting.

Maker… I will never tire of her lips he thought as he claimed her mouth with his tongue.  
Gee I wonder who these two are??? Hmmmmm......

But yeah... thought I'd let you guys know... this is officially my 100th story... most of them are Rem and Fen stories but I just thought everyone should know the milestone...

I hope you all enjoy this... a moment of tenderness for the pair before all the sadness comes....... A warning for the next Origins ABC... (M) it's sad... it's already written and done... I have to do L first though lol

A: Arms: [link]
B: Betrayal: [link]
C: Choice: [link]
D: Desire: [link]
E: Eyes: [link]
F: Four: [link]
G: Guilt: [link]
H: Heat: [link]
I: Identity: [link]
J: Jump: [link]
K: --
L: Loss: [link]
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orlando11 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Student
that is so Zev n Merlissia lolz awesome as usual. :)
wazubababi Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
yup... def is Zev and his Merlissia.... they needed a happy story before M came... I wish I could give Rem and Fen one sometime... they've been having it rough in these.

Hope you liked it :D
KylaDragonfly Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
at the beginning I though "mmm alistair?" LoL no it can't be!!xD
wazubababi Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
that would be interesting... maybe it could be alistair if you made it into a dream in your mind lol... I just felt like that couple needed a happy moment before M came along...
KylaDragonfly Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
even my first pg was a beautiful Cousland with black hair, green eyes and well a love story with Zevran..u.u but at the end I thought "shit I could have been queen!"xD
wazubababi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
zev was actually my last romanced partner.. got the achievement with him he he... kinda funny since he's the easiest to bed lol.. I went with Alistair first lol wasn't queen though... I died... lol but I can live with out being queen for Zev :faint:
KylaDragonfly Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
LoL the weird part was create a male pg for Morrigan achievement..U.u
wazubababi Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
really? I thought Leliana is weird.... I had no issue romancing Morrigan lol
curls101 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Zevran :) I'm still on G, your rocketing ahead of me! Guess who's stuck on this because she just realised most of her storylines are spoilers?? Congrats on the 100th story mark! That's very impressive!
Grey warden and proud!

I just click on stuff and hope it gives me nice things :P

Check out my Dragon Age Fanfic -->[link]
wazubababi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Yup... gotta love that tanned elf... mmmmmm....

Well we can't have you giving away spoilers... I just imagine new things... if I don't base it off of my stories then it can't be a spoiler...

I was going to say that you have time to catch up because I didn't have an idea for L... but I do... and it's going to be dark... and I think people will not be happy... I haven't started it... but I'll sneak the word out.... Loss .... I was going to do Love but well Loss seems so much more dramatic lol..

Yeah I was surprised to see that 100th mark, I hope Kiss was worthy of it :D
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