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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 11, 2014, 6:50 PM

Just in case you all wanted to read what I actually turned in.... here's for hoping for lenient scores. Sooo normally I'd have a goal of 5/5 but I'm going for 4/5 for this one I guess.

Friedrich Nietzsche and Epicurus

Friedrich Nietzsche had two theories that he believed would answer the philosopher’s quest of morality. These theories separate society into two groups by dividing those who he considered to be aristocrats and the common people. To Nietzsche, all people have an innate drive for power. However, not everyone is capable of attaining it. Therefore, only those who have the ability to achieve this power are considered aristocrats or masters and those who cannon are slaves.

Nietzsche’s master-morality is essentially another take on egoism. Aristocrats or masters assert their power because whatever is considered good for the master is good. The masters use the slaves, or common people; in order to achieve their goal and Nietzsche believes that this will lead to progress and the eventual betterment of society.

On the other side, slave-morality is considered to be the herd’s beliefs. It is based on the ideas of empathy, charity or the common good. Since Nietzsche believes in an innate ‘will to power’, those he considers to be the slaves will do what they can to get power. However, the only way for slaves to do this is to lessen the masters’ power, which would equalize the power structure of society. It is this balance of power that Nietzsche believes will be the detriment to society, leading to complacency and an eventual dying out.

Nietzsche uses the institutions of democracy and religion to further his point. To Nietzsche both religion and democracy are tools of spreading slave morality. Democracy is based on society. The Constitution even begins with “We the people”. The concepts of voting and consideration of the herd will never lead to progress in Nietzsche’s ideals, and therefore will be the downfall of society. Religion is the same to Nietzsche. Their teachings instruct the masses the concepts of charity, empathy, and to turn the other cheek. It is this meek mentality that creates the divide between the masses and inspires the herd to bring down the masters. Even the idea of God threatens Nietzsche’s theories. If there is a being that exists to control the path of civilization, then there is no need for masters.

    Even though we may not call these ideas the same thing, Friedrich Nietzsche’s theories are still relevant today. Instead we may call them leaders and followers or perhaps drivers and passengers, but we still believe that there are people who have power or influence that control the destiny of society and those that support them.

Epicurus proposes a different idea. As opposed to Nietzsche’s ‘will to power’, Epicurus believes that human beings strive for a state of calmness or, ataraxia. As Epicurus says, it is the “freedom from trouble in the mind and pain in the body.” That it is the ‘passive pleasures’ that create a good or happy life. According to Epicurus, to have a healthy state of mind and body it is best to keep desires to a minimum and avoid situations that would promote pain or stress, such as politics or religion. To Epicurus, the gods are at a different level from humanity and are not concerned with ‘our’ actions so to him, religion and the fear of the gods or death is an unnecessary stress. However these ideals, as pleasant as they seem, are not practical. Stress or pain in modern day society is unavoidable whether projected through social media or human encounters; we would have to create a isolationist society or sheltered lifestyle in order to achieve such a goal.

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Yup, I'm a girl... and I am not all that talented... I'll upload stuff every blue moon when I'm inspired to.. but I mostly just like to observe people's work.. so I wouldn't say I'm an artist by any means :) So enjoy the few things I do post :)

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