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The Maker would not send a mage in our hour of need, the Chantry sister’s words echoed in her head as she walked towards the bathing chambers inside the chantry. They had just returned from Val Royeaux a few hours ago and she knew that everyone would want to meet and discuss their trip but Aylin just didn’t have it in her. She was tired from the long ride, listening to Cassandra and the others speculating about what the Lord Seeker was up to just added to the stress that had already been pulling at her shoulders. All she cared about was getting away from it all, even if it was just long enough for a bath.

Aylin moved as quietly as she could through the Chantry, trying her best not to draw attention to herself. She needed just a little time on her own to collect her thoughts. Val Royeaux was even more troublesome than she had originally expected. It was more than just an indicator for how the Inquisition was viewed, it showed how far the chaos had spread. They feared us… They’re afraid of me, Aylin thought as she looked on down the hall.

What do they even know about being a mage? she thought tiredly as she pushed the door open to the bathing chambers. Slowly she shook her head as she tried to clear her thoughts as she walked to the left where the Chantry sisters bathed. It seemed the more she tried to clear her mind the more she ended up thinking about it all. She couldn’t believe the Templar just hit the Chantry sister like that. She had no real love for the Chantry but even she felt how deep that betrayal struck.

Mindlessly, Aylin set her things down by the side of the large bath before she started pulling off her armor. Carefully she set each piece down in a neat stack before climbing into the bath. The water was warm, but not as hot as she liked. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the smooth stone of the bath and called her magic around her heating up the water until steam clouded the air around her. She could feel her muscles slowly begin to loosen up as she took a deep breath.

“That seems to be a handy trick,” a voice called from the other side of the bath.

“Wha- oh, Leliana,” Aylin greeted quietly, scolding herself for not noticing someone else was there. “I’m sorry I didn’t notice anyone else was in here.”

“No, do not worry Herald, it was a long journey back from Val Royeaux,” Leliana said softly. “From what my scouts reports, your travels have been quite the challenge,” she continued on as she looked over to Aylin.

Of course… Can’t she wait until we meet at the war room Aylin thought as she rubbed her arm under the water. She took a deep breath as she sunk down to her neck in the water. Might as well get on with this Aylin thought as she reached over taking her soaps.

“It was, more so than I anticipated,” Aylin admitted as she scrubbed the sweat and grime from her body. “We are in no position to approach the Templars…” she thought aloud as she looked down into the waters. “Or the mages, I fear,” she finished as she thought about their invitation to Redcliffe to meet with the mages. Something isn’t right, Fiona would never hide behind hushed secrets like this Aylin thought, she didn’t know the Grand Enchanter personally but this was unlike anything she would have expected from her.

“No, it would seem we have a ways to go,” Leliana agreed as she turned to see Aylin standing up in the bath. “Those scars…” Leliana started as she saw the last of the day’s light shine across Aylin’s bare back as she reached up to free her hair.

“Are none of your concern,” Aylin finished coldly as she peered over her shoulder while she let her hair fall down her back.

“I see… I do apologize,” Leliana apologized quickly, easily hearing the bitterness in Aylin’s tone. “I did not mean to pry,” she finished as she saw the muscles in Aylin’s back tense.

“I received these long before I started out on this misadventure, that is all you need know,” Aylin said as she submerged herself down into the bath, preparing to wash her hair.

For a moment, Alyin was lost in the memories as she thought about the scars Leliana had seen. She had always been careful of who she changed around, making sure no one would see them. They were hers, her burden to carry. She could not do much about the scars on her face, they weren’t something she could hide. She could only be happy that no one had ever asked her about them. Part of her assumed that Leliana hadn’t asked about those because she already knew, the amount of information that Leliana knew about her and those around her was unnerving to say the least.

“Herald?” Leliana called after Aylin hadn’t responded to her questions. “Herald?”

“Hmm?” Aylin hummed as she turned back around to face Leliana. “I’m sorry… I was just trying to figure out how we will approach the templars or mages.”

“I see…” Leliana said quietly. “Do you have an opinion on which group we side with?” she asked curiously.

“That is a rather heavy question,” Aylin admitted as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Are you curious as to whether I sided with the rebel mages? Or if I remained a good little mage and hoped for the Templars’ return?” She asked, her tone a little rougher than she had first intended. “Magic created the breach in the sky… Maybe it’ll take magic to close it… or it could very well make it worse,” she thought out loud.

“So you believe in the Templars then?” Leliana asked as she watched Aylin rinse the oils from her hair.

“I don’t know… I’m not sure they would agree to work alongside a mage, nor if their abilities would prove useful against that magic… We don’t even know what it is,” Aylin answered as she looked down to the water as she squeezed the water from her hair.

I wish I were strong enough… If only I could close the Breach Aylin thought as she stepped out of the bath. But I have to try something she thought as she got dressed.
DA:I A Moment
Yup... it's been a bit since I posted anything soooo a little post for you... not real happy with it but well ya know... 

Modern Falin? by wazubababi
Modern Falin?
Yes yes, it's a screen shot from Saint's Row IV.... 

But I imagine in the modern realm my OC Falin would probably have been seen something like this at some point...

Oh Saint's Row... the game GTA wishes it could be
Aylin couldn’t keep her mind focused, she knew she should listen to the plans of how to approach Val Royeaux but she found her thoughts traveling back to the crowd of Templars and mages that were gathered in front of Haven’s Chantry. They were at each other’s throats, one blaming the other for the death of the Divine. The templar had even went so far as to draw his sword, challenging the mage he was arguing with. She could feel how the simple motion of him reaching for his blade fed the anger of the crowd, fueling the crowd’s desperation to find answers to who killed the Divine or who let her die. She could still see the satisfaction on Chancellor Rodderick’s face as he watched the quarrel unfold as if it was Inquisition itself falling apart at the seams. If Cullen hadn’t been there she wasn’t sure what would have happened. She remembered how he stepped between the two without hesitation, quickly disbanding the crowd before the argument could escalate further. He was calm and his words held command leaving no room for questioning. She knew little of the commander, just the whispered rumors floating throughout the Circle, but she did wonder how the what kind of man he was. He seemed different from the other Templars and that frightened her, she wasn’t sure why she felt that way. Perhaps because she had only one expectation of those in the order and wasn’t sure what to expect from him. He said, they are not Templars not anymore but what did that actually mean?

For all of Cullen’s sense of propriety, she couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the quick quip Cullen had given Chancellor Rodderick. She could still hear the chancellor’s response, Mock if you will… I’m certain the Maker is less amused. Worse, she could remember her own response as she had walked away, I doubt the Maker gives a damn about me. She could only hope that she was the only one to hear her, the last thing the Inquisition needed was for word to get out that the ‘Herald of Andraste’ didn’t believe in the Maker.

Looking up from the table, she saw her advisors lost in conversation with themselves. No doubt debating on what more we needed to do before we could make our move.

”Having the Hearld address the clerics is not a terrible idea…”

“You can’t be serious!”

“Mother Giselle isn’t wrong: at the moment, the Chantry’s only strength is that they are united in opinion.”

Shaking her head, she looked back down to the maps on the table ignoring the arguments of her advisors. Why am I even in here? …I know nothing of politics or strategy… I am just their tool she thought bitterly, closing her eyes as she took in a calming breath. It felt like she had already done so much working out in the Hinterlands, yet there was still so much to be done. The devastation that this had caused was everywhere she turned. How am I supposed to do this? I am just one person she wondered hopelessly as she looked over the map. There were so many pieces, each representing some task that needed to be done in order to gain favor over the lands. In the end, she knew that eventually she would have to choose a side to close the breach but how could she choose? If she sided with the mages she was supporting the rebellion, the chaos that started this war. If she sided with the Templars she was a traitor to her own kind. The mages had the power, perhaps with enough she would be able to close the rift. But the Templars were not useless… if the breach was torn by magic, maybe it would take the Templars to close it. Will any good come of this? she wondered as her mind wandered as her council discussed their plans about going to Val Royeaux.

”And we should ignore the danger to the Herald?”

“Let’s ask her”


“Hmm? Oh… Right…” Aylin said as she looked up from the map, trying to look as if she had been listening the entire time. “So, go face the people who want me dead… Right then,” she said knowing that there was no point in avoiding what was to come. “What could possibly go wrong?” she laughed quietly.

“I will go with her,” Cassandra started in her usual confident tone. “Mother Giselle said she could provide us names? Use them.”

“But why? This is nothing but a—“ Leliana questioned as she turned to look at Cassandra.

“What choice do we have, Leliana? Right now we can’t approach anyone for help with the breach. Use what influence we have to call the clerics together. Once they are ready, we will see this through,” Cassandra explained as she looked to the other advisors to see they had all agreed.

Aylin looked over her advisors as they had finally reached an agreement. She wasn’t sure what to think of those around her, wondering what they really saw her as. Was she the ‘Herald of Andraste’? Or maybe she was still the one behind this all? All she knew was that she was their tool, and for now she was safe. What was to come of her after she sealed the Breach and her use was no longer needed, she wasn’t so certain. They would head to Val Royeaux to speak with the clerics in the morning, if all goes well she will be able to cast some doubt into the Chantry. Perhaps we can get Varric to speak for us, he is good with stories Aylin thought in the back of her mind.
DA:I Lost in Thought
Because you know... paying attention isn't important... So here's Aylin... stuck in with the War Council.... Not quite certain she belongs there...

I actually like this one a little better... the first paragraph was re-written several times but I actually think I like it..... and a question for those reading this comment section... should Templars be capitalized? It's an order so yeah? idk... grammar fail here




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Yay I'm getting a raise!!!

$.043 .............. not really worth it........... Why couldn't it just be $1? that would be nice..... 

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Aylin sighed as she pushed herself out of her bed. She had spent the last few weeks in the Hinterlands trying to spread the Inquisition’s influence. Her legs were sore from all the traveling and with all the constant fighting her mana stores were constantly low.

So this is what all those adventures were like Aylin thought lightly as she braided her hair and tied it into a tight bun. She knew that eventually  she would grow accustomed to it all and her mana stores would grow. Closing her eyes, she splashed some water on her face. They never tell you this part in the storybooks she thought as she dropped the towel back on the desk before walking out into the cold.

She gave a quick look around before hurrying down towards the stables. She barely had any time to herself, Cassandra or one of the other advisors were constantly following her trying to discuss their next steps. In the coming days, they were to leave for Val Royeaux to appeal to the Chantry. She didn’t expect that it would work but they had to try, if the Inquisition had any hope of working they had to correct the image in everyone’s mind.

It’s not that she didn’t know what was at stake. The breach in the sky threatened everyone, she knew well of the dangers the Fade had to offer. She had seen the demons that laid in wait trying to find the right heartstring to pull to sway her mind. The idea of demons having free reign over the land was terrifying. She knew nothing of life outside of her Circle, always protected, sheltered, guarded, caged in… but that was her life. She had never known anything else, but what about everyone else? She could still hear Varric’s words in her head. It didn’t matter that she was afraid, that she never wanted any of this. As much as she wanted to just close her eyes and pretend this wasn’t happening, she couldn’t just run away. She knew she had to find a way to mend the gaping hole in the sky before it was too late.

Quietly she walked up to the stables looking over the mounts. Some were from Master Dennet, the others gifts to the Inquisition. She didn’t know why, but for some reason she always found herself gravitating towards the gift the Collective had sent the Inquisition. A ‘bog unicorn’ they called it. A horse who had risen from the dead to serve a noble cause. Looking over, she frowned as she saw it’s stall was empty. With a quiet sigh, Aylin moved on knowing that Dennet must have been working with the mount. Instead she walked over to the first horse Master Dennet had given her. She had walked it around with her until they had made it back to Haven, too embarrassed to admit that she knew nothing of riding. Slowly Aylin reached out, rubbing her palm against the horse’s cheek. She felt herself smile as the horse took a step closer.

“Here,” a voice called from behind Aylin.

“Wha—Commander?” Aylin asked as she turned around nervously clasping her hands behind her back.

“A treat for the horse,” Cullen offered as he held out a small cube of sugar.

“Oh… Thank you,” Aylin said as she reached out taking the small cube in her hand. “Umm… How do.. I mean..” she rambled nervously as she looked down to the sugar cube.

“Ah.. I see.. Have you never ridden?” Cullen asked as he took a step closer to her. “Turn your hand,” he instructed as he reached out, turning her hand so that her palm was up. “Stay calm, they will sense your hesitation,” he offered as he placed the sugar cube in her palm

“No, I was taken to the Circle before I was old enough to learn,” Aylin admitted as she felt Cullen directing her hand over towards the horse. “And I had no need to learn after, I was never going to be free of the Circle,” she admitted as she reached back up to pet the horse.

“And since the Circles had been destroyed you never?” Cullen asked curiously as he leaned up against the stall.

“No, I didn’t have the money for such things nor a place to keep one safe,” Aylin admitted as she watched the horse started looking for more treats.

“Well then, we will have to teach you,” Cullen announced as he pushed himself from the stall. “We’ll start with saddling a horse,” he continued as he walked over to the side of the stables pulling some of the padding from the stack.

“Ah Master Dennet,” Cullen announced as he saw the him walking the bog unicorn back into the stables. “If you wouldn’t mind just tying  him up, he will be my example,” he added as he walked back over to Aylin with a few pads in his arms.

“First is the padding, you want to select a firm padding, something sturdy to help protect your horse,” he started as he turned the first pad he had took over. “You see this,” he said as he pointed to some wear into the padding. “This is worn in and won’t provide the protection the horse needs for comfort,” he finished as he set the pad off to the side. “Now this pad is newer,” he continued as he showed her the different points of the padding.

Aylin listened intently as Cullen showed her the different points of the equipment and explained the importance of how it all worked together in order to protect the horse as well as the rider. After a few minutes, Master Dennet had come out with a white horse following behind him. Aylin watched as Cullen showed her how to dress the horse. She watched the way he placed the padding upon the horses’ back, then covered the padding with a warm blanket. With each step Cullen had her repeat the process mimicking his actions onto her own mount.

“Good, a quick learner,” Cullen complimented as he looked over her saddle, checking the synching for proper alignment.

“Thank you,” Aylin blushed as she looked over her work, watching where he would slide his hands to check for tautness.

“A horse, no matter the breed is more than just a tool. The better care you can provide it, the better it will serve you,” Cullen said as he rubbed his hand along the horse’s mane. “Now… shall we see how you do?” Cullen asked as he turned to Aylin.

Aylin listened when Cullen explained how one would get on a horse and the commands that the horses had been trained with, but it didn’t make it any easier for her. She had watched as Cullen had climbed on top of his mount as if he was born doing so.

Okay, so you just slide your foot in here Aylin thought as she slid her foot into a stirrup. Then you just kind of she told her self as she pushed herself off the ground, throwing her leg over the saddle.

“You really made it look much simpler,” Aylin said as she tried to steady herself on the saddle. “But.. oh this is just,” she stopped as she could feel the strength of the horse underneath her, it was thrilling and yet terrifying.

“You’re doing fine,” Cullen complimented as he walked his mount around hers to check her balance. “Now, an easy walk around Haven to get you started,” he pushed as he headed over towards the doors of the stables, looking back when he hadn’t heard her following behind him.

“Okay, now how do I get you to go again?” Aylin asked herself as she ran her hand over the horse’s shoulder.

Carefully Aylin pulled the reins to the side feeling how the horse would turn as she directed him. Well it seems turning is easy enough… now forward? she thought as she pressed her heels into the horse’s side. The feel of the horses movements was unsettling, the lack of control was unfamiliar. No matter how she tried to keep her nerves down she could feel the tension in her chest as she  held her breath. She finally had settled down as she finally made her way over to Cullen.

“Good, now try to loosen up some,” Cullen offered as he headed out to the path. “Trust him,” he offered as he turned to watch Aylin follow behind him.

Slowly the pair made their way down the path, the cold morning air was still and made the path seem even more vacant. Aylin began to look around, the world seemed so different, almost as though she were flying. It was peaceful until the snow had grown too heavy for the branches, snapping the thin branches. The snow and branches fell over her and the horse, spooking him to a full sprint. Aylin felt her body shift as the horse drove forward. Instinctively she leaned forward trying to find the balance she had felt before.

The cold air rushed past her as the horse raced down the path. She barely heard Cullen call after her as the she weaved through the trees. Shit she thought as she did her best to hold on for the ride. Cullen didn’t tell me what to do in this situation she thought anxiously as she glanced back to see Cullen racing up to her side.

“Whoa!” Cullen called as he reached over, pulling firmly back on her reins bringing the horse to a halt.

Aylin’s knees felt weak as she swung her leg back over, dismounting from the horse. Her legs collapsing underneath her as she put her feet on the ground, dropping her into the snow.

“Maker’s breath,” Cullen said quietly as he dismounted from his own horse, wrapping the reins into a low branch. “Are you alright?” he asked calmly as he walked over to Aylin’s side to see her laughing.

“Oh wow… that was.. terrifying …and thrilling,” she laughed as she took his hand, allowing him to help her back to her feet before brushing the snow off. “What heart…” Aylin said quietly as she walked back over to her mount, running her hand over the large creature’s neck.

“With all things considered, you did quite well,” Cullen complimented as he watched her pet the horse. “You kept your composure well,” he added as he looked over the two horses to make sure that they had both calmed. “This will allow you to build trust between the you and your mount. You must believe that he is there, take command of your horse. And this will come with time and practice,” he finished as he reached up releasing the reins.

“How is the Inquisition doing?” Aylin asked curiously, hoping to take a moment to hear Cullen’s thoughts.

“We have received a number of recruits, locals from Haven and some pilgrims. None, however, made quite the entrance you did,” Cullen answered lightly as he looked over to Aylin.

“Ah, yes… It wasn’t quite my idea, but at least I got everyone’s attention,” Aylin laughed as she thought of the impression that she had made to the people in the last couple days. The idea that their beliefs in her had changed so much in such a small amount of time was still astounding to her.

“That you did,” Cullen agreed. “I was recruited to the Inquisition in Kirkwall myself. I was there during the mage uprising. I saw first hand what the devastation had caused. Cassandra sought a solution. When she offered me a position I left the Templars to join her cause. Now it seems we face something far worse,” he explained as he turned the horses, handing Aylin her reins.

“I had always heard of how devoted you were to the Templars… Leaving the order must have been quite the decision,” Aylin started quietly as she followed Cullen’s lead out of the woods. “You really believe the Inquisition will work?” she asked as she glanced over to see Cullen watching her.

“I do.. The Chantry has lost control over both the Templars and mages, now they argue over the next Divine while the breach remains. The Inquisition could act while the Chantry cannot. Our followers will be part of that. There is so much we can-“ Cullen explained excitedly as he watched Aylin lead her horse. “… Forgive me, I doubt you were asking for a lecture,” he finished as he realized how he sounded.

“No… But it is nice to hear so much passion for our cause, so if you have one prepared I’d love to hear it,” Aylin smiled as she glanced over to Cullen.

“Ha, another time perhaps,” Cullen laughed. “I-ah.. There’s still a lot of work ahead,” he insisted as he pushed on towards Haven.

“I suppose we better head back then,” Aylin said sadly as she looked over the quiet woods, the trees too thick to see the hole in the sky. It’s almost as if the world was back to normal… she thought for a moment before climbing back on to the horse.

“Yes… the others are no doubt waiting to discuss the plans on heading to Val Royeaux,” Cullen agreed as he climbed back onto his horse and headed back to Haven.
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Always something to learn right?

I'm really not happy with this but I'm posting it... so sorry guys it's not that good... it's just driving me crazy... I thought it would be a nice little thing for them... I mean Circle life, why would she have learned to ride right? She was never leaving that place. 

I'll probably go over this and edit it sometime but you know I just wanted to post it for whatever reason... maybe just to be done with it.. who knows.... but I'm tired... I didn't get enough sleep today soooo I'm done... now I have to go to work so I'll be sleeping tomorrow I guess which sucks because I have a lot of school work to do so no fun... 




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Yay I'm getting a raise!!!

$.043 .............. not really worth it........... Why couldn't it just be $1? that would be nice..... 

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